IOWN: the new technology
that leads to a better future

Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN)

It is an initiative for future communications infrastructure to create a smarter world by using cutting-edge technologies.

IOWN is built around photonic technology for ultra-high capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-low power consumption.

the next internet

Today, most of our devices and technologies (phones, watches, gaming, sensors, PCs, servers, networks, etc) use electronics to process and transmit information. IOWN will use optical technologies to transform these electronic connections into photonic connections, increasing transmission speeds and improving responsiveness while consuming extremely low levels of power.

Through the IOWN Global Forum, NTT is working with more than 100 partners to accelerate this truly transformational concept that will help build the communications and computing infrastructure of the future—the next internet.


IOWN’s Foundational Technologies lay the ground for the paradigm change from electronic to photonics ahead

The platform that connects and controls networks, sensors, devices and systems.

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The real and digital worlds combine to predict the future.

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A network which uses photonics-based technology in everything from networks to computers and devices.

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Service Platforms

IOWN Service Platforms unlock the potential in the Foundational Technologies to improve value:

The solution to share real-time, totally synchronized remote experiences in all kinds of fields.

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The integration of fixed and wireless networks combined with environment information to optimize traffic.

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Creating a simplified system with data hubs instead of individual data processing units.

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What is IOWN?