Innovating the Future for the people and the planet

“The greatest new innovations come from being able to reimagine the future.”

Through innovation management, NTT fosters a culture of continuous improvement. We help businesses transform for success, drive positive change, and shape a more sustainable future where everyone thrives. Our expertise in digital innovation enables us to deliver transformative breakthroughs that promote a naturally connected and sustainable world.

Innovation pillars

At NTT, innovation is part of our culture. We constantly transform businesses for success, enable change for good and shape a better society, in which we can all live and work.

Ethical techcompany

At NTT, integrity, transparency and trust are our values and the cornerstones of our operations. With a strong global code of conduct, we connect people, communities, businesses, and society ethically and with unwavering integrity.


NTT leads collaboration amongst a global, diverse and secure innovation ecosystem. Leading collaboration for the greater good through different centers, ecosystems, consortiums and associations.

Trusted innovationpartner

NTT delivers unique value to clients, partners, and society, serving as the ideal innovation partner. Our track record of successful partnerships across sectors like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government showcases our commitment to driving innovation for business and societal benefit.


NTT believes in purpose-driven innovation for a sustainable future, leading the way from today to tomorrow. With significant investments in R&D and Applied Innovation, we are committed to creating new value and fostering sustainability through initiatives like IOWN, while ensuring long-term benefits for the planet and society.

Fostering connections,

Innovation Hubs

Welcome to the epicenters of innovation at NTT! Our Innovation Hubs are part of a dynamic innovation ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas converge, technologies evolve, and the future takes shape. Collaborate with visionaries, explore cutting-edge solutions, and accelerate your journey towards digital transformation.

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Brighter, Faster, and Safer

The “Innovative Optical and Wireless Network” is a shift to photonic connectivity, with ultra-high capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-low power consumption. The IOWN Global Forum is meant to accelerate this truly transformational concept.

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