We are committed to a sustainable future

Sustainability impacts every aspect of our lives, work, health, and communities. That’s why our purpose is to contribute to meaningful change through tech innovation, addressing social challenges for a more prosperous society for all.

Three pillars of sustainable development

Improving Prosperity with the power of technology based on shared ethical standards for a safer and more resilient society.

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Maximizing Wellbeing by promoting diversity and health through technology innovations based on ethics and integrity.

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Nature & Humanity in harmony by solving environmental issues through technology and innovation.

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Solutions that make a difference

Social sustainability and corporate performance, a 2023 NTT study

We commissioned this paper to explore how enterprises establish shared social and business values, providing a roadmap for companies aiming to become social sustainability leaders.

  • 11.4%

    Raised Productivity

    reported from the leading companies in social sustainability

  • 9.6%

    Increased Revenue

    reported from companies who invest the most in social sustainability

  • $675b

    Boost in GDP

    unlocked by companies engaging in social sustainability initiatives

NTT’s Sustainability Report 2023

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