Fostering ethical business standards and equal opportunities for all

Improving prosperity for all people and culture

In NTT, we are working to raise ethical standards in business and develop innovations that enable equal opportunities for all. We have three main focus areas: establishing shared ethical standards, prepare for a new future with the power of technology, moving toward a safe, secure and resilient society.

Establishing shared ethical standards

We set a range of initiatives to establish high ethical standards for ourselves and share them with our business partners while promoting appropriate risk management.

Moving toward a safe, secure and resilient society

We are working to optimize our technology to achieve a more resilient society, keeping people safe from epidemics, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks.

Prepare for a new future with the power of tech

NTT is moving to a recycling-oriented company, in line with its commitment to sustainability, promoting effective use of resources from procurement through to disposal.

Business case

Better technology for more sustainable data center

With more than 100 data centers in 20 countries around the world, NTT is constantly thinking about new ways to create efficiency and better utilize energy and improve the way we work for our clients and the environment.