Promoting human rights, diversity and inclusion through ethical values

Maximizing Wellbeing for everyone

In NTT, we are promoting human rights, diversity and inclusion through integrity and strong ethical values that are embedded in our business innovations and technologies. We have three main focus areas: respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion and creating new work style models.

for human rights

Respecting human rights is an important foundation for creating a safe, secure, prosperous, and sustainable society. NTT strives to correctly understand and recognize each country’s and region’s laws, cultures, religions and values.

new work style models

Establishing and maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce results in a more positive contribution to society and higher levels of productivity. That’s why NTT is embracing new working models that better accommodate employees’ daily working lives.

Diversity & Inclusion

NTT believes that differences are considered as value, and we aim to transform that value into a viable force. We are creating workplaces where a diverse range of employees can achieve their full potential, assuring diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our journey towards wellbeing