Balancing Human Impact: Nature and Humanity in Harmony

At NTT, our commitment to cultivating a green society through innovation and technology drives us.

We prioritize implementing decarbonization strategies to minimize human impact on nature.

With a multifaceted approach, we focus on three key areas: transitioning towards a decarbonized society, embracing resource recycling, and fostering a future where humans coexist harmoniously with nature, promoting positive human-environment interaction.

Moving towards a decarbonized society

We are committed to reducing greenhouse gases by moving to IOWN technology and increasing the development and use of renewable energy sources.

Adopting circular economy approach

Committed to becoming a recycling-oriented company and promoting effective use of resources from procurement through to disposal.

People and nature live together in harmony

A future where people and nature can co-exist in harmony and protect the natural ecosystem for a more sustainable future.

Our business

Technology transforms food recycling

Almost 30% of all food creates almost 10% of the greenhouse emissions in the world. NTT food waste solution represents our commitment to the circular economy. By using technology, food waste is not only composted but also accelerated and targeted so it has the most and effective outcome.

A Smart Building Story

As the world adapts to the impacts of climate change, we examine what it means to be a sustainable organization today and why it will lead to a better tomorrow.
NTT’s new digital interface makes buildings smart and connected, measuring occupancy, heating and cooling to manage energy use, save money and help companies on 
the journey to net zero.