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In the near future, data demand and exchange will multiply in such a way that network systems need to optimize every available resource. In order to achieve this, Extreme Network as a Service (Extreme NaaS) will respond with a network model change that works in 3 areas.


A communications environment that combines and integrates services across fixed and wireless networks by tying together various wireless connection points.
This way, access is allocated according to actual demand and not based on resources by one single provider.


The gathering of surrounding, environmental information from cameras and other sensors, as well as human behaviour and emotions.
With this model, we’ll have a new layer of information, so the model can predict both connection demand needs and future status of network resources.


The coordination of optical and wireless networks by integrating optical and wireless signals in response to demand. 
This way, we’ll create new transmission paths through which we make the most of every available resource, no matter the technology or service provider.