Innovating the future
of society

At NTT, innovation is part of our culture.

We are constantly transforming businesses for success, disrupting industries for good, and shaping a better society for us all to live and work in.

We make the kind of breakthroughs that enable a more human centered and naturally connected future.

We humanize technology
for a brighter tomorrow

Experience Center

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, this is where our companies, partners and clients come together to experience and engage in innovation narratives.

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NTT Research and Development

NTT R&D develops innovations for safety, health and wellbeing, security, resilience, immersive experiences, sustainable technologies, and much more.

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NTT Research

NTT Research is dedicated to revolutionizing reality to enhance lives and shape a brighter future through research.

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Innovation Lab Israel

NTT’s dedication to innovation extends to our subsidiary in Israel, where we integrate our corporate objectives with the nation’s dynamic tech landscape.

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Other innovation places